13 July 2011........

I assumed the month of June to be my lucky month!!! Cos u noe why?!?

I won so much goodies in the same month...yes u got it rite....in the same month.....

I am not boosting here...just wanna share my happiness (=

Lets see what I won!!!!!

1. Jeng Jeng JENG...

Dynamic Duo

Shoe Palette

Note Book

Gift from Jelly Pong Pong......Wanna noe more about the products do visit the link below (= Do like their fan page to support those cute cosmetic...I love the shoe palette the most!!! 2in1...Eyeshadow and lip shimmer (=

Jelly Pong POng

2. Boom BOOM booMzZz!!!!

Naive Products

Thanks Naive and Eternity Malaysia for the products....The goodies consist of  Naive Face Cleansing Foam, Naive Deep Cleansing Foam, Makeup Cleaning Sheet, One sachet of Ichikami shampoo and one sachet of Ichikami Conditioner. I would love to try the makeup cleaning sheet. Btw the shampoo smells so great and the conditioner did do it works after one washing...Just one washing, you can see the difference (= Do like the fan page below for more information about the products and also new contest to join (=

Eternity Malaysia

3. Lalalalalala~~~~


Yeah....I won this from Beauty Carousel..... Consist of K-palette eye liner and fake lashes and two sachets of  cure sample. Havent try any of tat yet....but I did swatch the eyeliner on my hand...it really did give the one day tattoo effect...no matter hw hard u rub it, it will b there unless u wash it with makeup remover....hahaha..

4. Guess guesss guessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Garnier Lotion

Won the lotion from a blogger......It written is for dry skin but I think any type of skin can use it...I already used it for few days... and I love it...the smell of mango is just so great...I am a mango lover (= It does give 24hours moisture...Doesnt feel sticky at all...skin smooth like baby skin...NO JOKE...I am serious!! Will purchase it or not????It depends cos I love trying other lotion as well...I wont be using a fix brand for lotion...So still the same answer..it depends...Do check out the blog of the blogger that gave me the opportunity to try this lotion  Jess Lee Thanks alot Jess (=

5. The last one........

Another pretty goodie (= I won a sleek bad girl palette......My first time winning a eyeshadow palette....This palette seems to have good review on it..But then I am still a newbie in makeup...So winning this I can practice my makeup skill....I hope it will...hehe...Thanks Cynthia for having the giveaway to win this wonderful palette....Do check out her blog for more reviews and giveaway (=

See....I won alot of things rite....in the same month....hehe...I will stop here la...If I type summore U all will think I "hao lian" (in Hokkien)----> ask those who know the meaning to translate for u all...might as well use google translate if it works :p 

Do give your comment whether u dislike or like my post.....Opinion is good but not too much ya...:P


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