AM i tat bad?!?

Y is my life like tat?!?

wat is happening?!?

im wondering!!!

first of all wat had i done to get a brother like tat....

y my bro always annoy me!!!

cant he mind his own business n don bother me!!!!

y is he so busybody!!

complaint every single thing tat i do?!?


y other ppl brother can b so nice!!

y my brother cant be like them....

wat is wrong wit him!!!!

sumtimes really felt like slappin him

but if i did i will get a bigger punishment!!!

arghh!!really stress!!!

then my love life really sux!!!!

the person i like don like me!!!

y is this happen to me??????

wat have i done to get such punishment!!!!

n being hurt again n again is nt fun at alll!!!!!

most of the guys don agree tat they r blind!!!

but actually they are really blinD!!!

sorry guys!!didnt mean to talk bad but then it show!!!

when gals don treat guys good,...

they will think tat we,gals are bad...

gals being bad is due to the way how guys treat them.....

not they purposely wan to hurt guys!!!

so guys!!!

plz appreciate the person u love the most!!!

n don ever hurt a gal.....

guys r really s*** whn they hurt gals!!!!

so appreciate the person u love n goin to love!!!!!

so tat regret won happen!!!


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